Digital Products

Who’s Around: Know who’s where

A mobile app to help you keep track of your friends. Create spots like home, work, and school. See who’s in those spots at any given time. Android version coming soon.


GenderBender: Classic novels reimagined

A web app that gender bends any text so that all male pronouns and names become female and vice versa. GitHub Repo



APM Internship at Google | MTV HQ

Google Hotels: Improving entry points for Google’s travel agent

My work enhancing entry points on Google Search to lead users into the Hotels immersive product.



Speculative Design | Carnegie Mellon University

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 1.12.50 AM.png

Google Home Mini 2.0: Revealing what the Google Home is thinking

A visual redesign of the Google Home Mini so that it can communicate what it's is thinking and better recover from errors.

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Software as Spaces: Mapping our digital homes

A series of floor plans that map out digital habits as physical spaces



Multi-Tiered Development | Carnegie Mellon University

Post-Up: Maximizing your social media presence

A web app that enables users to see when their friends are online and determine optimal posting times.


Maze Game: Playfully promoting teamwork and communication

A pac-man like game in which one player can see the board, and the other has control over the dot's movements.


Project Drafter: Designing feedback for tangible AR

A haptic feedback glove for prototyping in augmented reality.


Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: The city from a student's perspective

A visualization that represents a student’s mental model of their college town.



Internship at frog | San Francisco Studio

Operation Tadpole: Rethinking frog's onboarding process

A playbook for how to make onboarding fun and empowering, in the hopes that new hires at frog can find their place and feel at home.


My Summer At Frog

An article I wrote for my school's design league about my experience as a frog intern.



IxD and Design Research | Carnegie Mellon University

Shuttle and Escort Services: Improving CMU's transportation system

A research and evaluation of why students are not using these services and an app design to help solve this problem.


Encompass Education: Helping veterans jumpstart their education

A prototype for an online program aimed to help veterans make informed decisions about their higher eduction.


Andy: An interactive museum guide

Concept for an earpiece and projection-based system that communicates information about art pieces to museum visitors.


Skype Mouseshare: Improving long distance teamwork

A proposed feature for Skype that would allow a user to point to an item on the another's screen with his/her mouse. 


Movement In Au Bon Pain: Improving a campus favorite

A study how customers currently use the restaurant space and proposed alternative that optimizes for existing movement patterns.


IDeATe Installation: Characterizing a program

An installation design for the IDeATe space to strengthen it's brand and promote usage of the IDeATe Gallery Website.


Water Carrier: A new take on a staple product

Form exploration for a water bottle that fits well in a bag with other flat items as well stands up on a desk. 



Client Projects | Independent

Capital Coordinated Medicine: Branding the medical startup

A new brand identity for their logo, paperwork, scheduling sheets, and advertising items.


Flexable: Designing a daycare startup's initial website

Wireframes and a user flow for a startup that matches parents who need last minute childcare with daycares that have temporary openings.



User Centered Design Fundamentals | Carnegie Mellon University

Systemic Design Methods

A collection of methods for organizing and analyzing complex systems. 


The Animal: Exploring one animal through three different mediums

Conveying an eagle's characteristics through a plastic sculpture, a 2D graphic spread, and a pop up book. 


Lighting Engines: Establishing setting through light

A paper light fixture meant to establish a sense of comfort and warmth for a pleasant and informal dining experience. 


Movement Within Gates: Improving the spiral helix

A plan for repurposing a spiral ramp within Carnegie Mellon's Computer Science building. 



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