A series of interactive sketches and animations I've made over the past few years. All projects were done in the JavaScript framework p5.js.

(best experienced on desktop) 


Pulse: Built on a particle system created by Golan Levin & Roger Dannenberg. 

Source Code



Bounce: Explorations with rectolinear shapes that behave in a jelly-like manner. Built on a spring system created by Golan Levin.

Source Code



IDeATe Animations: Animations created for an installation as part of a project aimed at improving Carnegie Mellon's IDeATe space.

Source Code | Live Version



Google Doodle: Final project for 15-104: Computation For Creative Practices. A mock Google Doodle celebrating the 104th anniversary of Marie Curies's Nobel Prize for Chemistry, which occurred on the day that the project was due. 

Source Code



Biometric Loading: A loading animation built to represent biometric analysis create for a project in the class 51-371: Futures. Inspired by Orbit Waves by Akshay Tiwari.

Source Code



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