Fall 2018

(in progress)

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A web app that gender bends any text so that all male pronouns and names become female and vice versa.


Summer 2018

APM Internship at Google | MTV HQ

Google Hotels: Improving entry points for Google’s travel agent

My work enhancing entry points on Google Search to lead users into the Hotels immersive product.


Fall 2018

Multi-Tiered Development | Junior Year

Post-Up: Maximizing your social media presence

A web app that enables users to see when their friends are online and determine optimal posting times.


Maze Game: Playfully promoting teamwork and communication

A pac-man like game in which one player can see the board, and the other has control over the dot's movements.


Project Drafter:  Feedback for tangible AR

A haptic feedback glove for prototyping in augmented reality.



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